Day 5 .

I have decided to be in practice with guided meditations for the week. I feel that being guided by another through the practice of meditation is a grounding way to begin, as I take my first steps and am present with the beginning breaths of this new journey. To experience the variety of meditation styles [...]

Being Present with Darkness. Day 4.

TRUST THE DARKNESS NOW If you are lost. If nothing makes sense anymore. If all your reference points have collapsed. If the old life is crumbling now. If the mind is foggy, tired, busy. If the organism is exhausted and longs to rest. Celebrate. Trust. This is a rite of passage, not an error. You [...]

Day 3 reflections.

It's a bit ironic, don't ya think, how we tend to avoid that which we need most? It's true, we do.  If you take the time to check in with yourself, what you need becomes undeniably clear. With awareness focused on yourself, you may come to see that your personal needs are not (always) being [...]

Day 2.

I caught myself doing something I found a bit funny this morning...  As I was driving to yoga, I began thinking about this journey I am now embarking on. I found myself thinking about the books I would like to read, where in Joshua Tree National Park I would like to take a walking meditation [...]

Day 1.

Thanksgiving 2018. A couple weeks ago, I was so consumed in sorrow that I struggled to see the light shining through the clouds. This morning was a bit cloudy, even so, today I saw the light shine through and down on to me! Just over a month ago, I had an experience that I am [...]

The Meditation Project

My intention is to come home to my Self again. To heal from the sorrow of loss. To honor the peace within me, through increased awareness, less to hopefully in the end, next to no, if not no judgement of Self, deeper connection to my breath, my mind, my body, and soul. For the next [...]