The Meditation Project

My intention is to come home to my Self again. To heal from the sorrow of loss. To honor the peace within me, through increased awareness, less to hopefully in the end, next to no, if not no judgement of Self, deeper connection to my breath, my mind, my body, and soul.

For the next 365 days, one calendar year, I am going to sit in meditation. The time spent in seated meditation may vary day to day, but it will remain constant, a new part of my daily journey. As I embark on this endeavor, a true gift to my Soul, I will learn teaching from masters of meditation and mindfulness.  What I learn, what I experience will be shared through my writings on this blog. I am going to be honest here, somedays may have longer entries, others more short. I believe, that the journey of mindfulness experienced in the yoga practice truly begins on the mat and moves out into the world, as our practice deepens. In this way too, I deeply believe, that meditation is not limited to one practice, one place, one time, but is a practice that may come to be the way in which I act, I am. I am entering this with no expectation. I am beginning this with a confession. The practice of yoga on the mat has been my greatest meditation, my practice of prayer. It still will be a great part of my journey. I have been resistant to sitting with my Self though. Even the though of it brings tears to my eyes, for so much is on my mind and heart, that to still means to allow space for it all – to be felt, to be steadied and witnessed. I am in all truth, a bit nervous, but so ready to Be, back at home, once more, in my own Being.

I would love to have you join me on the journey. If you wish to follow my journey, as a reader, then please do click on the Follow button to the link. If you wish to commit to a daily meditation practice, I would love to connect, to hear your story, and to build a community of awareness, love, light, peace, truth, and meditation. If you are so moved to comment on my writings, please feel free to do so. It is a gift to share this journey.


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