Day 5 .

I have decided to be in practice with guided meditations for the week. I feel that being guided by another through the practice of meditation is a grounding way to begin, as I take my first steps and am present with the beginning breaths of this new journey. To experience the variety of meditation styles and insights available is a true gift. Practicing in this way, affords me the opportunity to explore the path or paths that resonate most clearly with my Being.

Personally, I feel that there is no perfect or imperfect path to be on, again it comes back to a practice. So the path (here, of meditation) that best suits us, as the spiritual Being we are, may change, based on a variety of factors: be it mood, energy, external dynamics, etc. Just as in life, so too in our practice of yoga or meditation, is there permission to walk a different path if needed, to take a deep breath. After all doesn’t it begin and end with the breath: the inhale into the exhale into the inhale into the exhale and so it flows inward and out around. The beauty of meditation after all is the gift of coming home to the Self, to how it is we are in the moment. It is not always an easy dynamic, to be present with our Self in the energy of Now, without judgement, nevertheless it is incredibly powerful.

Last night, my husband and I eased into the end of our day with a guided Yoga Nidra practice. The meditation was to be experienced lying down in a comfortable place, so we took the risk and laid down in bed. The meditation began with this commitment, spoken quietly to ourselves: “I will practice Yoga Nidra. I will not fall asleep. I will practice Yoga Nidra”. I made it to the end of the meditation practice and eased right into a very peaceful sleep. My husband, on the other hand, eased into sleep before the guided meditation practice was complete and that was wonderful to be witness to, as he gifted himself what it is his body truly needed – sleep. Ending the day in this way was a beautiful way to unwind from the different energies we both traversed through as each new moment of the day unfolded.

Upon waking this morning, I felt so drawn to sit right away in meditation. I chose a Wellbeing meditation. It was a beautiful practice. Forty-five minutes went by so quickly. I felt the peace of the practice, of my Being so present with me today, even when the energy was tumultuous. The day flew by, for me — During which, I connected with close friends, spent loving and quality time with my husband and touched base with family. As the day came to a close though, I felt overwhelmed with emotion, so much so that the different energies present felt muddled and with that I felt myself drifting away from the grounded energy I had been present with during the day. You see, I let go of the present moment and went on an anxious journey of the mind to the past and to the future. Unanswerable questions filled my headspace, worries filled my heart and I, well, truth is, I forgot, in those moments, to feel my breath, to Be with my breath.

Here, I am now — tired, feeling each and every breath moving through me and around me, recognizing the meditation present in the practice of reflection through writing now and truly, so grateful for the gift of presence, even when tough. Every moment I spend present and connected with my Self, is a moment in which I feel more deeply connected with my Being… not always in the way of words that explain it all, but in energy and love. In what really matters, a return to the breath. A return to the moment.

While this journey is just beginning for me (and I would love to know if you are on a journey of self awareness, self love, self care, as well and how it is for you), I am looking forward to the beauty I feel it holds. Our journeys may differ, but they are connected in the spirit of love and the truth that we are: of the universe and but a piece of its infinite existence.

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